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DONATE: Devastating Fires in CA Affect Horse Community

DONATE : Devastating loss of horses yesterday in Bonsall, San Diego, CA due to the Lilac Fire. Our hearts are broken. There are currently 600+ horses evacuated to the Del Mar Fairgrounds. This is going on as continued evacuations affect Los Angeles, CA residents and horse owners. If you'd like to HELP or DONATE, here are some options:

San Diego:

Mary’s Feed: 858-755-2015

Carters Feed: 760-436-4738

Los Angeles:

Da Moor's Tack & Feed (MATCHING DONTATIONS!): 818-242-2841

Lilac Fire Race Horses Devastating Loss for Horse Community

Lilac Fire burns barns

san diego fires kill race horses hundreds of others evacuated on day one

del mar fairgrounds evacuees house hundreds of rescued horses

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